Wednesday, April 21, 2010


i'm not giving up (but i'm really exhausted!)
but i'll take it as a rest for myself
my soul also my health

sorry guys
i can't do nothing
this is the only thing that i can do

after the falls rolling down
make the shirt like "bule perah2" one
i feel so released. . .

sometimes its true that
when we cry we can release everything

the things that make me come to this fullstop
is because

i feel there is no myself in maself. . .
really don understand
where those element come from??

if i think back~

there's nothing to be argue actually
but it really true

my tempered oftenly can't be control dis few months
i'm not suppose to be like this

am i thinking a lot??
but what i was really thinking about?

am i taking the things that i face too serious?
am i?

am i doing sumthing without thinking?
what i am suppose to do?

erggghhhh. . .

rolling down again
i feel guilty
i feel sad
n i also feel nothing

shud be life is cool
but not for now

may be for a meanwhile time
this what i say
this what i think
this what i feel
this what i type

but no one knows how bout
the day after tomorrow
the next2 day


I AM QUITTING~(only for a while, hope so)

till then~chiaoo. . .

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